Learn a little about us, but honestly, we'd rather learn about you. Do you need an experienced food photographer for your production? That's us. Now, what about you?

dreier & company

We're a food photography company. We enjoy what we do. We shape each production to your specific needs. Here's a little more about us, but we'd rather learn more about you. Contact us.

kyle dreier | Chief Curiosity Director

My dad spent three years in Africa with a Yashica Mat camera. I wish I had a story like his. Me? I grew up in the kitchen and can bake a better than decent cheesecake. I enjoy the food photography process of working as a team (stylists, assistants, art directors) to make magic together—maybe not magic but certainly some nice looking imagery. Enough about me, what’s your story?


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john love | Chief Assistant & Digital Tech

Don't mind me, I'm just the guy wearing all the hats. Most of the time you'll see me on set behind the computer making sure all things digital are running smoothly. When not on set, I'm managing our post production image workflow, you know, the important work with none of the glory. That's not entirely true…I do get chocolate accolades every now and then.


erica o’rock | Studio Manager & Producer

Kyle keeps telling people I'm “Super Glue.” I get what he's trying to say...I guess I'm holding everything together. That's kind of an overstatement—I mange our productions. That's not everything, but it's a lot. I also manage a personal supply of Skittles. Did I tell you about Wilbur yet? Email me at studio@dreier.com and I'll fill you in, about Wilbur and Dreier & Company.

emily pierce | Marketing Wrangler & Prop Stylist

I think “wrangle” is a good word for what I do, whether it be organizing one of our marketing campaigns or pulling together curated props for an upcoming shoot. The fun for me is going, finding and then revealing what's under my hat. Ha! When not wrangling at the studio I'm wrangling man's best friend at home…er, uh…friends.


In addition to our full-time in-house gang, we hire food stylists, prop stylists, and any other necessary personnel to execute a successful production for you.


We have been fortunate to work alongside a wide variety of advertising, corporate and editorial clients of all sizes — from locally based start-ups to nationally recognized brands. Just to name a few...

Cracker Barrel
The Egg & I
Nashville Food Truck Assoc.
J. Alexander's
Black Eyed-Pea

Diabetes Forecast
Bon Appetit
Tasti D-Lite
Okra & Molly
Logan's Roadhouse

Ruby Tuesday
Dan's Gourmet
Donovan's Steakhouse
Food & Wine

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