About Kyle Dreier

Learn a little about us, but honestly, we'd rather learn about you. Do you need an experienced food photographer for your production? That's us. Now, what about you?

kyle dreier

My dad spent three years in Africa with a Yashica Mat camera. I wish I had a story like his. Me? I grew up in the kitchen. I can bake a mean cheesecake. Aside from that I’m all about creating images that generate a response. A drool is good. I’ll take a thumbs-up. I enjoy the particular challenges food photography presents and working with a team of stylists, assistants and art directors to make magic together. While I enjoy the comforts (and control) here at our studio, I also appreciate the added elements of surprise we encounter when out on location - whether it be in a restaurant in LA or a museum just down the road. Enough about me, what’s your story?


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We think you’ll enjoy working with our team to accomplish your goals, desires and ambitions… all the while, keeping your clients happy and achieving your creative vision. Tell us more about you. We’d like to hear how we can best serve you. Contact us.

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Erica O'Rock
Studio Manager

Let's just say Erica is like Super Glue - she's holding everything together for us. She's the studio manager, and designated Skittles aficionado. Need an estimate? Want to learn about Wilbur, her pet chinchilla? Email Erica at studio@dreier.com


John Love
Chief Assistant & Digital Tech

John is our "Yes Man." We say that in a good way. His can-do attitude and upbeat personality bring smiles to those around him. He assists on set and off - managing our post production image workflow.


Emily Pierce
Marketing Wrangler

All smiles, no nonsense and loads of enthusiasm - that pretty much sums up Emily. She wears our marketing hat and wears it well. We like her and think you will, too.


We have been fortunate to work alongside a variety of fun advertising, corporate and editorial clients of all sizes - from locally based start-ups to nationally recognized brands. Just to name a few...

Ruby Tuesday
Dan's Gourmet
Donovan's Steakhouse
Food & Wine

Diabetes Forecast
Bon Appetit
Tasti D-Lite
Okra & Molly
Logan's Roadhouse

Cracker Barrel
The Egg & I
Nashville Food Truck Assoc.
J. Alexander's
Black Eyed-Pea