It takes a team to make exceptional work, but you already knew that. We are fortunate to have excellent food stylists and prop stylists to work with here in Nashville and beyond. Here are just a few recommendations...

Food Stylists

Teresa Blackburn • Nashville, TN | website

Callie Blount • Nashville, TN | website

Paul Grimes • New York, NY | website

Tami Hardeman • Atlanta, GA | website

Katelyn Hardwick • Atlanta, GA | website

Whitney Kemp • Nashville, TN | website

Hannah Messinger • Nashville, TN | website

Sara Rounsavall • Louisville, KY | website

Bree Williams • Atlanta, GA | website


Prop Stylists

Ginny Branch • Atlanta, GA | website

Elaine Hensley • Nashville, TN

Emily Pierce • Nashville, TN | website

Shanna Shrum • Nashville, TN

Anna Webb • Nashville, TN

Nan Whitney • New York, NY | website

Jessie Pickren • Nashville, TN | website